Why Should I Donate?


Because you RECOGNIZE The importance of a politically-independent US Intelligence community and FBI

History has shown that autocratic control of national power mechanisms, such as the press and economy, is achieved by first taking control of the police and intelligence services. Help us ensure it does not happen here.


because you can help BUILD a TRUE non-Partisan 

movement in an increasingly polarized world

Non-partisan movements have more difficulty raising money from large donors with partisan agendas. We depend on lots of small donors like you to fund -- not a Democrat or Republican agenda -- but a truly American agenda.


because National Security is the best place to get Congress to work 

together AGAIN

In the past, Congress worked in a meaningful, bipartisan manner to oversee the FBI and the U.S. Intelligence Community. They can do it again. They just need a kick-in-the-a**. You can be the boot.

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