Publish anonymously with FBI approval​

​In addition to limited whistleblower protections under 28 CFR § 27.1, FBI employees have First Amendment rights subject to the prepublication review requirements in the FBI employee agreement.

Unfortunately, rogue FBI managers have a long history of retaliation against employees making protected whistleblower disclosures and have also retaliated against employees who sought to disclose government wrongdoing under the First Amendment.

Please note that whistleblower disclosures and First Amendment disclosures are separate matters.

While Protect the FBI cannot help you make a whistleblower disclosure to government entities anonymously, it can help you go through the prepublication review process anonymously. This may reduce the chance of retaliation when exercising your First Amendment rights.


In such cases, Protect the FBI will act as your attorney and submit your proposal to prepublication review without disclosing your identity. Once approved, you can publish the information as an "anonymous FBI employee represented by Protect the FBI" without ever identifying yourself to the FBI.

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