Our Story

For too many years, we watched from the sidelines. Now it is time to act.

We are former FBI employees. Agents, analysts, linguists, technicians, scientists, and professionals.


Our FBI careers taught us that the American public's first line of defense against a politicized FBI are rank-and-file FBI employees.

Unfortunately, murky personnel practices, a ​deficient whistleblower reporting process, and deficient disciplinary, security clearance, EEO, and promotional processes have consolidated power in the executive ranks of the FBI, making it too perilous for rank-and-file FBI employees to report abuse of authority, including the corrupt influence of partisan politics on the FBI's decision-making should it occur.

​To address these vulnerabilities, we launched Protect the FBIOur non-partisan mission is to safeguard the FBI's integrity, including from the undue influence of partisan politics, by ensuring FBI employees can report abuse of authority without fear of retaliation.

Now, more than ever, protecting the FBI means safeguarding rank-and-file FBI employees.

By advocating for policy and culture change, Protect the FBI is empowering rank-and-file FBI employees to speak up without fear or retaliation when they see abuse of authority. In addition, Protect the FBI is helping to write new whistleblower legislation that would make rank-and-file FBI employees the American public's first line of defense against partisan influence on the FBI's decision-making should it occur.


Protect the FBI intends to bring about the type of substantive policy and culture change that will safeguard this mythical American institution from being co-opted by either political party for partisan gain.

We cannot do this without public support from all walks of American life and from across the political divide. We hope you will join us in this noble effort.


Protect the FBI

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