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A message to our former FBI colleagues:


Ever since U.S. Representative and former FBI agent Mike Rogers (R-MI) retired from Congress in 2015, hyper-partisan oversight of the U.S. Intelligence Community has been the order of the day.


It was not always this way.


Historically, Democrat and Republican lawmakers agreed to oversee national security in a bipartisan manner. Alliances were forged, agreements were made, and policy areas such as law enforcement, domestic security, and the military were analyzed and overseen by Congress in a rigorous, meaningful, bi-partisan manner.


You see, the prevailing philosophy was that to do otherwise created the conditions for the U.S. Intelligence Community -- namely the FBI, CIA, and NSA -- to be used as a political punching bag. Or be used by the Executive to punish its political enemies or go easy on its friends.


As you know, absent this way of thinking, the FBI has taken it in the teeth by both Democrats and Republicans.


Quite frankly, we're angry about this -- and perhaps you are too.


Like us, you're probably frustrated there isn't more you can do to set the record straight. Something to support the 35,000 FBI professionals you left behind. The ones who still show up to work every day to ensure the American people are protected from what really matters.


It's not your fault.


No one has offered you a way to do more...a way to make a difference.


Until now.


Protect the FBI, whose mission is to safeguard the FBI and the U.S. Intelligence Community from partisan politics has launched a congressional liaison program in which you can engage directly with the elected representatives from your district. You do this on Protect the FBI's behalf, strictly on non-partisan issues like law enforcement and national security.

We need thoughtful, former FBI professionals like you to be our voice in Congress. Not expensive lobbyists who care little about our issues because there isn't a large piggy-bank behind us.


Just direct, feet-to-the-pavement, advocacy by former FBIers who want to continue to serve a cause we all care about: ensuring the FBI remains the standard-bearer for all other law-enforcement and national security agencies on the planet.


These are our priorities:


Priority One - Get our elected representatives to take our pledge.


Get our elected representatives to take Protect the FBI's pledge. Our pledge asks our representatives to exhibit Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity while working across the political divide to oversee the Executive Branch and its component national security agencies. 

Priority Two - Advocate on behalf of bipartisanship when it comes to national security.

Be our voice on Capitol Hill, unconstrained by current FBI employment or allegiance to an association with a "don't-piss-anyone-off" agenda. The FBI Agents Association (FBIAA) and the Society of Former Special Agents (SOCXFBI) are worthy organizations that serve a noble purpose. But neither has fully identified and advocated for an agenda focused solely on safeguarding the FBI from partisan politics.

Current law is not on the FBIAA's side. It has little power to affect policy or culture change, something desperately needed. It has demonstrated little resolve to push Congress to enhance its power, which can only be done through new legislation. Perhaps most importantly, it has no power to support Congressional candidates willing to support such change, and therefore no power to safeguard the FBI from those who would politicize it.

Likewise, the SOCXFBI is focused on advocating for the welfare of former -- not current -- FBI professionals. It is focused on issues such as "right to carry" legislation and the safe return of former special agent Bob Levinson from Iran. Noble, important causes, but with little time or resources left for the type of advocacy we conduct.

Apply now to safeguard the FBI and the USIC from partisan politics!


If you don't have the time, however, but still want to support us, here is what you can do:



  • Purchase a Protect the FBI hoodie, sweatshirt, or t-shirt.


What we will never do.


  • We will never endorse a candidate for FBI director.


  • We will never represent the interests of current or retired FBI professionals unless those interests are aligned with what is best for the American people.


  • We will never sit idly by while our elected leaders misrepresent the FBI's motives or mistake its actions as sinister, even when its motives or actions are flawed.



Jim Davidson


Protect the FBI

Message for Former FBI Employees | United States of America

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