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May 8

How does Protect the FBI function?

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Edited: May 10

What is your actual reason for starting this organization? Your website doesn't really give a lot of specifics...please elaborate. Thanks, Greg

May 8Edited: May 9


HI Greg, Protect the FBI is a forward-looking organization. We make no opinion on the events of the recent past.


We simply believe that the FBI is exposed to the possibility of partisan influence on many fronts. It starts with Congress. Since former FBI agent and Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) left Congress in 2015, there has been a significant increase in hyper-partisanship on key national security oversight committees. Protect the FBI believes that when Congress does not work across the political divide to provide meaningful, bipartisan oversight of the Executive, it sets the conditions for and permits attempts by the Executive and Congress to co-opt the FBI and U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) for political purposes.


To address this, we are building a congressional liaison team composed of retired FBI professionals, unencumbered by the strict restrictions imposed on those with current FBI employment. Our team's first task will be to ask our elected representatives to take our candidate pledge. I recommend reading this pledge before reaching any conclusions about Protect the FBI's mission to safeguard the FBI and USIC from partisan politics.


Beyond our approach with Congress, Protect the FBI believes there are some FBI policies (and cultural issues) that expose the FBI to the potential to being co-opted for political gain, including a whistleblowing policy that makes it difficult for an FBI employee to report abuses of authority without fear of retaliation from rogue FBI managers, including those who may make a decision based on a partisan preference, should this ever occur (in the future).


Regardless of any opinion you may have about who was at fault for the controversies of the recent past (Republicans, Democrats, FBI management, or the White House), Protect the FBI believes it does not matter. In fact, we have members and advisors, who like the American public, exhibit the full range of "opinions" on who was at fault. Given this, we simply "look forward," identifying the conditions that make the FBI and the USIC vulnerable to partisan influence, and then move to eliminate those conditions. This, we all agree upon.

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