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Country Before Party

Our Mission

Safeguard the FBI's integrity, including from the undue influence of partisan politics, by ensuring FBI employees can report abuse of authority without fear of retaliation.


Legal Challenge Fund

Protect the FBI 

Legal Challenge and Policy Impact Fund, a 501(c)(3) Help FBI employees make expensive constitutional and legal challenges that lead to transparent and equitable FBI policy.

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Plege of allegiance

Congressional Pledge

Obtain pledges from congressional representatives stating they will oversee the FBI and the U.S. Intelligence Community in a rigorous, meaningful, bipartisan manner that serves the American people, not their political party.


Congressional Liaison

Our Congressional Liaison team helps Congress understand the FBI's mission and why protecting rank and file employees is critical to fulfilling that mission.

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Policy & Legislation

Advocate for changes to FBI policy and new legislation that will strengthen an FBI employee's ability to report abuses of authority and lead to more equitable FBI policy and culture.

What We Do

Take Action

Act Now!!!

Give FBI employees the protections they need to report abuses of authority.

Join former FBI employees and concerned citizens. Ensure rank and file FBI employees can report abuses of authority


Sign a petition to Senators Graham (R - SC) and Feinstein (D - CA)

Help safeguard the FBI from partisan politics

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Get your armor on and help ensure rank and file FBI employees can report abuses of authority without fear of retaliation from rogue FBI managers.


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